Zyzz’s Tattoos

Zyzz's Tattoos

Zyzz’s tattoo’s have always had a lot of attention, and ultimately that was his goal in having them. They weren’t always as awesome as what they ended up however, and he actually had his arm completely re-done. On the right you can see what the original design looked like.

The final sleeve actually ended up costing him reportedly between two and three thousand dollars, and was much darker and more complex than the original tattoo. It has a tribal undertone, but contains a rather typical Japanese feature of Koi fish, waves and wind-bars. Here is a look at how it ended up:

Zyzz Tattoo - Arm 2

Zyzz’s Arm Tat

There has been much speculation as to whether this tattoo actually had meaning to Zyzz, or whether it was purely an aesthetic design he had compiled. Either way, it looks fucking sick.

Zyzz Tattoo - Veni, Vidi, Vici

The Original Veni, Vidi, Vici Tat

A more meaningful tattoo that Zyzz had was the tattoo on his chest that said “veni vidi vici”, which Chestbrah later replicated after Zyzz’s death along with the sleeve.

“Veni, Vidi, Vici” translates to “I came, I saw, I conquered”, and is written in Latin. It was written by Julius Caesar in 47BC, while recounting on what went down in a short war that occurred. To Zyzz however, it is a bit of a statement about his life. While short lived, he ultimately did come into this world, see a side of life that many will never see, and he truly conquered – whether you love him or hate him, you sure as hell know of the impression he left not only on the aesthetics and bodybuilding communities, but also on the world.

Zyzz also had a tattoo on his back of an Angel, which has its arms/wings spread right out across the whole length of his back. Here is a photo of it:

Zyzz Tattoo - Angel on Back

Angel on Back

Later down the track Zyzz went and continued on with his Veni, Vidi, Vici tattoo, and gave it a completely unique look. He went further with it, making a rose wreath around it. There is once again a lot of speculation as to why Zyzz went and done this, one plausible answer put forth is he was sick of copy-cats, and the fact it had become a very common tattoo. It’s a very commonly referred to phrase. While it may be uncommon to have the exact font and location as Zyzz’s, having just the words simply there has become very common in Italian culture especially. So he may have felt the need to set himself apart. Here is a photo of the finished tattoo:

Zyzz Tattoo - Chest Rose Wreath

Rose Wreath on Chest

While the haters have obviously jumped on the tattoos and criticised them, overall there has been an overwhelmingly great amount of fans, and we’ve heard of plenty of people completely copying the tattoo’s and getting them in honour of the great man.

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  1. Baller
    2 years ago

    lol never new what Veni, Vidi, Vici meant

  2. Zefs
    1 year ago

    tell about the tattoo he had cause he get burned while cooking shirtless (tattoo on abs)

  3. big bad brad
    1 year ago

    The one on his chest and abs are shit should of left side tattoo only. Right side means evils side if your religious.

  4. Zyzzer
    1 year ago

    Rip brah..Happy birth day..FOREVER MIRIN..

  5. 陈旺
    5 months ago

    I ‘d never forget you,

  6. 陈旺
    5 months ago

    China 也需要有你这样的人

  7. Mirer
    3 months ago

    There was a Word written at his inner biceps side
    Its rarely seen on pictures
    What is written there???

    (excuse my english)